fredag 29 augusti 2014

lördag 9 augusti 2014

Today feels like a good day to talk a little bit about body complex in all it's forms. Ones a person told me that you could fit a meatball between the gap in my teeth. (Haha meatball ��) The photographer when I took the single picture when It was time for class photography told me to close my mouth and smile without showing my teeth. I started hating them and used to put chewing gum in the gap when I went to school. (!) One day I went to the dentist and asked her if she could give me braces or just fill up the gap or something, but she said that I was original and beautiful and that I was gonna thank her when I got older. (Thank you mrs dentist) I also was very skinny as a teenager and couldn't gain weight, so when a person told me she was grossed out my body and that I looked anorectic and I got the nick-name the skeleton, I started forcing myself to eat like 15 sandwiches a day. But of course that didn't help cause we all are different. So i had a gap, had the nickname the skeleton and round little Harry potter glasses. Just great I thought! So I started smoking and dressing like a punk-rocker to at least get up my cool a bit.. �� Today I wouldn't have laughed and acted like it didn't hurt, couse It did and I've probably spent weeks in front of the mirror putting chewing gum in between my gap and checked every little flaw and bone sticking out to much. Luckely there's none judging people too that told me I was beautiful, and as you get older you learn to accept yourself. That's my little story. The teenage years are especially sensitive and little words can hurt so much, so let's accept we're all different and stop being judging, and think before you speak. #Freak ��

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Wow! This. Is. So. Beautiful. @m0llys �� Your amazing. Just Reading all the comments like "this means so much to me and I just felt more accepting to my own body" gives you goose bumps. #Freak ��

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fredag 8 augusti 2014